J Jabez Group Pte Ltd started in 2004 as an executive search firm specialising in manufacturing sector in placement of positions ranging from Middle Management to Senior Management. Formerly known as Jabez Edge Consortium Pte Ltd, over the years the company expanded its reach to include industries such as Construction, IT, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Pharmaceuticals, Petro-chemicals, Manufacturing and Services.

In response to clients’ demand, J Jabez Group also provides job placements within two distinctive business divisions, namely :

  1. Foreign Workers Division

  2. Foreign Domestic Helpers Division

Personnel Profile & Division

The founder of J Jabez Group holds a Master's degree in Human Resource Management, in addition to her Bachelor's degree in Business with a major in Accounting. She has more than 15 years of experience in Human Resource Management.

The company’s Director has held senior positions - including those in a regional Asia-Pacific managerial capacity - in an American conglomerate and distinguished executive search companies.

The Director's niche skills allow the company to provide clients with consulting services in HR consulting and also Accounting. The company is able to closely match clients’ needs and criteria to the right job placement. This results in a high employee retention rate for clients across J Jabez’s various business divisions. This, in turn, aids the effectiveness of clients’ companies in their business or domestic needs.


Astounding Results

J Jabez Group utilises efficient executive search methods and strategies to customise the right fit - for both Foreign Domestic Workers as well as Foreign Workers - to best meet clients' needs, with astounding results.

Foreign Domestic Workers Division

J Jabez deploys foreign maids mainly from Myanmar, Philippines and Indonesia to many Singapore families with a high success rate.

The demand of foreign maids in Singapore can be attributed to the needs of dual-income parents, demanding lifestyles and a greying population in Singapore. Linking suitable foreign maids to families requires meticulous matching, but its success is always a joy for us.

We render assistance to employers so they can have the peace of mind regarding the care of their homes and family members by their domestic helper.

Proven Results

We have a good track record of high employee retention, thanks to the right match to employers’ requirements.

Our Corporate and Domestic Services

We provide human resource solutions to MNC and SME companies. Our recruitment pool includes local Singaporean employees; professionals from overseas; foreign workers from the region, in countries such as China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Philippines; and foreign domestic workers from Myanmar, Philippines and Indonesia.

Our primary objective is to provide quality and reliable employee placements to satisfy every client’s needs.

J Jabez Group Pte Ltd is a licensed employment agency by the Ministry of Manpower.

The company is an accredited member of the Association of Employment Agencies (Singapore), the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia and the Embassy of Philippines in Singapore.

We assure our clients of our professionalism and passion. We hold the strong belief that “People Are Our Business”. This is proven with our results and distinctively sets us apart from others.


Talent Search Division

The company has successfully placed candidates in senior and executive positions in a wide range of industries both overseas and locally.


Foreign Workers Division

Employment Pass, S Pass holders & WP holders placed by J Jabez are mainly from China, Philippines, Malaysian and India for various industries.

J Jabez Group has its Technical Training Centre in India where workers are being trained in construction Industry.


Our People

  • Amy Chin - Senior Consultant, Talent Search Division

  • Jimmy Tan - Marketing Manager, Foreign Workers’ Division

  • Lewis Lau - Consultant, Domestic Workers’ Division