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Maid Agency: J Jabez Group Pte Ltd
Type: Transfer
Available: 7 days or less

Mesiyani aged 28, married with a 7 years old child. She worked for 4 years 9 months in Chinese families. She worked for previous employer close to 3-1/2 years.

She does household chores, cooking and look after Cancer patient as well as elderly who was disabled. She has undergone caregiver traning in Singapore, and is certified She is able to adminster injection for diabetic.

Mesiyani is gentle and patient. She speaks relatively good English. She is able to look after young children.

Married (30 yrs)
Ref: JMT-001
Upd on 13-Nov-19
Maid Agency: J Jabez Group Pte Ltd
Type: Transfer
Available: Immediate

Resmi aged 37, married with a child. She worked in Singapore for close to 5 years with Chinese families.. She took care of elderly of Ah Ma & Ah gong( Age range 85 to 95) besides household choress including cooking. She can cook both good Indonesian & Chinese food. Her employer spoke English, Malay & Cantonese. She understand cantonese & speak simple cantonese. She is able to do the transfers from bed to wheel chair & vice versa. She is certified

In Indonesia, She worked 2 years took care of 1 year old boy & did all household chores including cooking & maketing.before she came to Singapore.

Resmi is pleasant, gentle, cheerful & hardworking. After she is married, took care of her own child since birth & did all household chores for close to 5 years before re-entering workforce.. She speaks quite good English & She oves children, is able to look after young children (infant & above). She undergone Basic Home Care skills with certification, and is Re-trained with infant care.

Married (37 yrs)
Ref: JGAR-002
Upd on 07-Oct-19
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