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Rosales is a single parent and is 35 years old. She has a 14 year child. She worked in Hong Kong for 6 years and Kuwait for 5 years.

She did all household chores and took care of children. In one of her employment, she took care of dog too. She cooks Cantonese cusine, middle East food as well as Filipino food. she could understand & speaks simple cantonese.and Mandarin She has a total of 13 years of house helper experience. She looked after a 80 year old elderly in Singapore. She has a Singapore's elderly care certificate, She cooks relatively good Chinese food.

She has a pleasant and mature personality, & a fast learner. She wants to continue working in Singapore to provide financial support for her child.

Single Parent (36)
Ref: JP-020 (...
Upd on 25-Nov-16

Maya aged 32, a divorcee with 2 young children aged 9 & 5. She worked in North Jakarta with an Indonesian family for 5 years. Here she did all household chores, cooking, cleaning, laundry and look after children aged 2 & 5. Prior to this family she look after elderly Ah Ma for 3 years, Ah Ma 60+ was bedridden,and does all the household chores.

In Singapore, she worked with another Filipino maid in a huge bungalow. She cooks Indonesian food and simple Chinese food

Has a pleasant disposition,obedient and relatively good in English(he learnt her English while in her high school). She would like to continue working in Singapore to provide financial aid for her children.

Divorced (32)
Ref: JJac_-002
Upd on 29-Oct-16
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