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Ginnie aged 34, Single. She worked in Singapore for 4.3 months. She take care of 2 elderly. She does houshold chores including marketing.and cooks Chinese and Filipino food. She has a Singapore's elderly certificate. Before working in Singapore, She took care of young children.

The elderly Ah gong was 84 years old, and Ah Ma is about the same age, initially he was well but needed some attention. However after 3 years of working with this family, Ah Gong was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney cancer. He became weak and needed constantly care. Ah Gong passed one year later.

Ginnie had home (Philippine) experience in children care, is excellent experience in taking care of children, but prefers 1 year old and above. She is not afraid of dog but not very comfortable with big breed. She does gardening. She has a Bachelor in Secondary Education.

She is pleasant, smilely, gentle, obedient and willing to learn. She can cook with cook books.

Single (34)
Ref: JTM-001
Upd on 04-Jan-17

Vivian aged 25, single. She worked in Philippine for 3 years as a domestic helper. She took care of children, does all household chores including cooking.

She is able to take care of young children, and is not afraid of dog.

In Philippine, She had work experience in Quality control & office administration worker prior as house helper.

Vivian is confident of her work as a domestic helper as she is from a big family, household chores, children care including cooking is part of her even before she worked as work as domestic helper. She will willing to learn other nationality's cooking.

She is choose Singapore to work to provide her siblings financial support and for herself.

Single (27)
Ref: JM-002
Upd on 04-Jan-17

Ruby aged 37, and is a single parent. She worked in Singapore for 6-1/2 years. She is very good in household chores and cooking. She can cook Chinese food, simple western food and able to cook with given receipe. She is able to take of of infant and young children. She is able to do gardening and look after dog.

She is pleasant,and found her to be honest during our interaction with her. Ruby is returning to work in Singapore to provide financial support for her children and family

Single Parent (39)
Ref: JDM-012
Upd on 01-Oct-16
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